Silver charm resting on finger, infront of a plant.

Best Birthday Charm Collection ever!

Making this Charm, I was reminded of the beautiful power of the collection of small representations of memories…

My dear friend at Melanie LeBlanc Jewellery celebrated a birthday, and her jewellery friends came together to contribute to a charm-necklace. The jewellers in her community (mostly from her studio at Made You Look Jewellery), each contributed a charm, and created this incredible snapshot in time, a ‘yearbook’, of sorts to look back at fondly over the years. The amazing talent of those who surround her, and represent years and years of friendship and fine jewellery made expertly.

My contribution was a personalized hand carved (because that’s the thing I do!) charm of her business logo.
Such a pleasure to be a part of this stunning piece, and to be friend to this wonderful human and jeweller.
I am looking forward to making many more years of memories.

Photo credit of Charm necklace: Melanie LeBlanc