This is how we will work together to create a piece as unique as you!

1Tell me your Story: Design & Dream

Tell me your story, let me know what you want to make, and why it is important to you. If you have some images to share, that would be helpful as well.
We will discuss your vision, and I will make some rough drawings, so that we can discuss possible directions for your piece.

2Refine design for your final approval

Once we answer all of the questions, and feel that we have a solid design direction. I will create a finished drawing, for your approval. At this point, I will be able to quote the price of the finished piece. And will ask for half of this amount as a deposit.

3Create! Amanda carves your wax

All of your work is done.
And now, I start carving wax!
(My favourite part!)
If you would like to see the process as it evolves, I will happily update you along the way. Just let me know, and I will make it so.

4Cast, finish, polish, and post.

The wax is cast, using the lost wax investment process, the wax is melted away, and replaced with the fine metal of your choosing. This means that you have the only one, ever (unless we decide to make a mold). Your piece is then filed, sanded, polished and gems are set.
Once it is  assembled, it is wrapped up and ready to send to you!

Art takes Time

Depending on the project, a piece may take 3 or 30hrs+ hours to carve… Please allow six to eight weeks, for the comfortable completion of your one of a kind piece.


Amanda is in the studio, waiting to hear your stories!