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Woman with glasses, smiling at camera, wearing a silver necklace and grey sweater.

Artist and Master Wax Carver

I am a practicing Visual Artist and Master Wax Carver, and have been working, for over 20 years, in both of these fields.
In my art practice, I use process to distill concepts and materials into objects that are at once familiar and foreign.
In my Jewellery practice, I meticulously carve beautiful green wax, at scale, to represent cherished memories and moments. With a steady hand, and playful, creative spirit, we work together to make anything that you can dream of. It could be as unique as a tiny stuffed toy (with its’ ear missing), a beloved object, a conceptual idea, or even a corporate logo or promotion.

Tell me your stories, and I will make your meaningful memories shine!

Fine Art

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