Fingers holding a finished gold ring, with green sapphire.

Cube Ring

This ring was inspired by a ring that she saw (and fell in love with) on a trip to Iceland 13 years ago!
We first met way back, outside and socially distanced during snowy days early in 2022, with cups of coffee and doggies, finally the finished piece has been delivered, and is resting on her finger.

This was a rewarding ring to carve, I enjoyed focusing on all of that fine detail (If you know me, you know that I always have time for many many little cubes! ; )
The ring is composed of teeny-tiny layered cubes, that are mostly smooth, some are textured.
Her Granddaughter’s birth stone is peridot. Peridot is a bit of a soft stone for a ring, so we compromised, with a 2mm ‘look alike’ green sapphire, which is quite hard, and will happily rest in its setting for years to come.

A totally new, gorgeous ring, re-made from recycled gold from her jewel box.
AND I got to meet, and work for another truly lovely member of my community!

A recycled ring, freshly made.

This ring represents 10hrs of carving time.