Tomahawk Stick Pin

A special re-creation of a pipe Tomahawk for a Historian.

In her research, she discovered that her great great grandfather Scobie Logan (1859 – 1929). He was a chief for a while, and in his 20s he went to England to make a petition to Queen Victoria for a Munsee land claim. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to meet the Queen, and the Historian is looking for where the tomahawk might be (perhaps in a British museum?).

They found a (totally mislabeled Maori Chief) image of Scobie this year that was in the collection of the British Museum.  And this Historian asked me to make a reproduction, in miniature, of that pipe tomahawk….  

Interestingly, some of the reporting on Scobie’s visit said that he polished one side of the tomahawk, and left the opposite unpolished – perhaps it was symbolic (like the Haudenosaune and polishing the chain) – that he was kind of renewing/polishing a treaty and that the crown needed to ‘polish’ it’s side.  

Text above provided by the Historian, about her Great Great Grandfather’s pipe Tomahwak.

Sterling Silver, 6cm long

A sepia-toned mage of a chief holding a tomahawk (miss-labeled).