Puzzle Series

Hand-drawn Puzzle Series
Ever since I can remember, I’ve doodled puzzle pieces…

Finally it all came together after a wonderful summers’ day in Maine, while attending the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. As a group, we attended a hot and sandy anarchist parade in the woods of Maine on July 4th. We returned to our lake-side retreat and had a beautiful dinner. I spent that night in the studio, and drew a puzzle in it’s entirety, all in one sitting. And I haven’t looked back! It’s been over 15 years, and I’m still using those themes in my work today.

Proximal line, finite space, and organic grid. I love chewing on these themes in my work! Explorations which will, no doubt continue into the future.

A series of 5 large-scale Puzzle drawings made their way into my graduate thesis exhibition at UCDavis. The compression and expansion of this hand-drawn grid was created simply, due to the physical limitations (the length of my arm) of their maker.