Porcelain Project 2022

After many delays, and outright stops, due to the pandemic – I was able to conceptualize this work, using beautiful, delicate, luminous porcelain. These porcelain ‘card’ pieces (3″ x 2″) were hand-rolled, and formed. They were smoothed, sanded by hand, and fired. A labour of love, and learning lots of new things – frankly, I just couldn’t wait to see the end result!

For now, I can say that lightness has been achieved. The thin, translucent luminosity of these pieces, when propped up against each other is gorgeous. In clay, I feel so many sparks of potential. Recognizing elements of past work, and dreaming of how this medium may inform future work.

I am very happy with the results, and am excited to see what is to come.

Ontario Arts Council logo

Many thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for their support of this project.

Porcelain sculptures are ‘bound’ together by a very fine blue line.

Delicate and strong.