Otter Lake : Key Ring

A custom commissioned gift for a group of neigbours on Otter Lake.

A wonderful acknowledgement of holding space and place in beautiful Muskoka. This fabulous group of neigbours supports each other through snow storms, thunderstorms, and power outages, they share cookies and eggs, and all sorts of good times. It’s beautiful to see communities come together and flourish.

I like making these Key Chain tags.
They feel more versatile, like little sculpture, and maybe slightly less ‘precious’ than jewellery. The tags can bang around on a keychain (which wear very well), and be a part of your everyday. A daily reminder, that can be held in the palm of ones hand.

I am very happy to have been able to contribute to this vibe!

A line-up of 5 silver key rings, with words "otter lake' written on it, below an otter on a rock, with cat tails on the right.