Lots of blue ink lines! one drawing on top of another.

There was a bunch of interest when I first posted on facebook and instagram… I’ve had some lovely conversations, and purchases too!

So I decided to create an ‘Original Artworks Shop’ on my website for more specific info. on individual pieces, or to see better pictures, and even to make a purchase. Please reach out, if you are interested in something, or have any questions.

As an exhibiting artist, without a dealer – I create work, which is shown in art galleries, then I generally get them back… to go into storage… it seems like such a waste. So, instead of adding to the ever increasing pile, I share them with you. This exercise has reminded me of the strange, invisible wall between artists and those who appreciate their work. For some reason, folks are intimidated about asking if art is for sale.I can guarantee that the artist will be very appreciative of the question, they may not be able to accommodate your request, but they will certainly be open to discussing their work, and potentially finding another option.

Being an artist is lonely work, and feedback comes along sparingly. It is always wonderful to hear, and in my case anyway, can be very validating and may just help to give me the push I need to sit down, and spend the hours and hours of work and engagement that it takes to create these works.Thanks again, for your interest in my work, it is appreciated more than you know.


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