Sterling Silver Canoe, Paddles, and Island.

Memories of Caddy Lake

Desk Sculpture

Cast in Sterling Silver, this sculpture of her canoe and paddles interact with an ‘island’ (the footprint of which, echos the shape of Caddy Lake). Caddy Lake, by the Manitoba-Ontario border is a place that is near and dear to this couple. He commissioned this desk sculpture for his partner, an academic… so that she can dream of paddling when she needs a break from work at her desk.

This couple has spent a lot of time paddling together, and he reports experiencing some ‘misadventure’ on the lake… with that in mind, we included a removable tombstone that can be placed in a crack of the rock if she likes, and may also be stored in a holder that is built into the under-side of the island. She is a member of the Turtle Clan, and the holder has a likeness of a turtle pierced into it.

This was such a delightful commission to create. A story to daydream about, and a sculptural piece that marks memories, which will entertain, and continue to tell tales, as the years pass.

Canoe: 3.2″ long, Paddles: 1″ long, Island: 3.8″ long

This project represents 44hrs. of carving time.