In memory of  Kali, 2020

A special gift to the trainer of Kali, a Belgian Malinois, and  Service Dog.

“Kali is a dog, but she’s trained like a soldier. She is taught to move as efficiently as possible – a life-or-death skill in combat situations – and even here, on a routine training session in the woods of Southern Ontario, not a move is wasted. Coming up against a craggy wall of wet, black shale, she tenses and leaps to the ridge above her head with the agility of a mountain goat. Her handler, Kevin Whitenect, is waiting there. Praising her, he scoops up her leash and they continue their trek.”

From: “The dogs of war: where canine soldiers are trained” written by Susan Krashinsky, July 1, 2011. The Globe and Mail.