In loving memory of Dear Matthew

This key chain was commissioned by the family of his ‘Work Brother’. They worked together as scenic carpenters in the film industry for several years. They were an accomplished and well-respected duo at work. Just before Matthew died, he and his co-worker were working together, back to back, in a door frame… a painter commented afterward, that they looked like mirror images of each other, mirroring each others’ movements… in perfect sync. On one side of the key chain, this lovely story (that Matthew was very proud to recount) is referenced, with the two hammers, back to back pointing outwards. Breaking the frame. On the other side: Matthew, solo canoeing on Canoe Lake. Both of these fine Fellows have family cottages in Algonquin Park, and shared a deep fondness for the woods of Northern Ontario. Several years ago they packed up their little boys and went on a canoe trip together.  Matthew was a very strong paddler, at home in the canoe and in the Park that he loved.    

We all carry him with us, so many wonderful memories… earnest craftsmanship, big laughs, and a playful spirit.