Anemone Rings

Golden Anemone Ring
A custom ring commission from a Mom for her teen…
This is a more delicate version of my original anemone ring, and the first time I’ve cast this style in gold.

… and she doesn’t disappoint!

14K yellow gold
Red rubies, and teal sapphire

Three quarter view of a silver anemone ring with ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, alexandrite, and rubies gypsy set in the anemone 'arms'

Anemone Ring – Family Style!

This is one of my first designs, and most popular pieces. Such a unique, fun and funky piece… I’ve been wearing mine for about 20 years. And I love to share it with other people who love to wear it! It’s such a unique ring.

I was so happy to work with a lovely couple, to include their family gem stones, and make it a family ring! This is the first time I’ve done this, and I expect that it won’t be the last. Two parents, two children and the family dog are represented here, through their birth stones. Such a delight.

Ruby – Sapphire – Tourmaline – Alexandrite – Ruby

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