Family Bracelet

This was such a wonderful project to have been involved with. (I love it when my customers cry! ; ) I am honoured to have been able to modify these three important pieces, to one that she will happily wear. This was a touching collaboration, the customer had a very distinct idea of what she wanted, but wasn’t able to find anyone who could do it for her… this project has been years in the making.

We combined three very meaningful pieces from her family tree:

  • Prayer beads from her beloved Grandmother
  • Agate Stone from her other Grandmother (Which her Mother had made into a pendant, with gold setting, for her years ago.)
  • A gold ‘N’ Pendant, which was a gift from her family when she was 9 years old.

We modified the two pendants to a ‘bead’ and a ‘button’, as well as using each and every prayer bead, which was, of course very important – to create this fantastic bracelet. Cherished memories in every element.