Annual Charm series – a gift from her Aunties

Commissioned by a Godmother, to begin an annual charm tradition for her God Daughter, and celebrate her trinity. I am so honoured to be a part of this meaningful project, and can’t wait to add to it, and learn about it’s imagery, as the years pass.

This series will be grow by one charm each year…

Finished circular Kultrun charm, polished and darkened silver.

Year Two: Musical Witches Hat

his is the second of an annual charm set that I am making for her Aunties to gift to this Precious One. The little girl gets to choose every second charm… this year marks a love of music and all things witchy.

Sterling silver, 1.7cm tall

Year One: Kultrun and the trinity of brujas

They wanted to honour this little girl’s blood ties with the Kultrun and the trinity of brujas as her godmothers in the centre as the three stages of the moon.