Brancusiā€™s Cup * 1998 * 38cm x 18.8cm x 29.9cm, 16lb2oz * Rubber Bands

In the collection of the Art Bank, Canada Council for the Arts.

Brancusi’s Cup was a part of my BFA graduation exhibition, it holds so many fond memories for me. Wonderful times at NSCAD, wandering through the ‘warren’ of a campus, good friends, discovering rubber bands as a (fantastic) material, and so much studio time. At this time, I also worked as and assistant to visiting artist June Leaf (who actually handled this sculpture, as it was being made). Very happy days, indeed. Also, the sculpture department allowed me to call the museum in France, who had a Brancusi’s Cup in their collection. In broken french we requested that they measure it exactly, so that I could make an exact replica. Happily, I was able achieve the slightly off-centre way that the original wooden piece sits.