Annual Charm Bracelet

This is the project that inspired the concept for my jewellery business.

Her Dad, commissioned me to make a charm every year. This charm marks the most important object or memory of her previous year. It is an annual gift, that a loving Father will give to his daughter, marking their memories for now, and the years to come.

I am so honoured to be a part of this meaningful project, and look so forward to adding to it, as the years pass.

This series will be grow by one charm each year…

Year Eight: Mask & Snorkel + Dad as Raft

Her Dad came to me with a pretty abstract, but heartbreakingly beautiful concept… they live on the lake, and usually swim at least one time a day, in the summer. He wanted something that represented himself as a raft… this year, when they swim she would crawl up on him, and use her Dad as a raft – a safe harbour, a support, a lifeline – now and for the rest of her years.

This was a pretty tough concept to create, and make readable, in 2cm’s of silver! But, with further conversation, we came up with using her favourite pink snorkel and mask. Perfect! I made the snorkel and mask, and a representation of her Dad, floating on his back, in ‘raft formation’ on the inside… this is what she would see, looking through her mask, when swimming. Also in seeing his supportive presence throughout her life.
The most jam-packed charm with meaning yet.
So lovely.

Year Seven: Electric Motorbike

She’s growing up so fast! A pretty exciting little electric motorbike that she loves to ride around with her Dad, who rides a much larger version.

(It’s so wee! and the wheels rotate!)

Year Six: Bear-Bear

One of her favourite stuffies, immortalized on her Charm Bracelet, as time passes and she moves on to more ‘grown-up’ interests…

Year Five: Mellica

Mellica, the beloved gentle giant, passed away this winter. He was truly a member of the family and will be missed in his Northern home by the lake. A beautiful silver Great Dane with such a gentle, cuddly laid back disposition. He is missed, but had a wonderful, long life with his human family.

Year Four: LOVIE

This has been her stuffed animal of choice for four years now. ‘Lovie’ has been truly well Loved, and is always just within arms’ reach.

Year Three: Watering Can

“Water” was the theme, so I took her favorite watering can, and shrunk it teeny-tiny (15 x 13 mm), carved in wax, cast in silver, and ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ was engraved on either side, in their own handwriting.

Year Two: Snow Suit

So sweet in her favourite snow suit. This little Northerner loves her winter!

Year One: Sophie the Giraffe

Her favourite (in her early toy-portfolio ; )