Pile Installation * 2006 * 178cm x 22cm x 366cm * Ink, Paper, Wood, Metal *

This sculpture was the central work of my MFA thesis exhibition at the University of California Davis, shown at The Nelson Gallery.

Each piece of paper has a line drawing on its surface, and makes up, what I have come to call a ‘proximal line’ that binds the surface and through the objects, also onto the shelves and wall. Line appears to hold this piece up.

I spent several months, tucked away in my studio in Northern California, ripping beautiful white (in all it’s shades) printmaking paper, and drawing blue lines with my beautiful rotring ink pen… oh, if that pen could talk, the stories it would tell!

As well, this sculpture was exhibited at Arts Benicia, California, as ‘Cream; from the top’, a curated selection of MFA graduates (2006) from Northern California.